Fantastic hat trick Son Heung-min BBC’s Team of the Week

Fantastic hat trick Son Heung-min BBC’s Team of the Week


Son Heung-min was selected as the BBC’s team of the week.

The fourth round of the English Premier League (EPL) has ended. With goals scored in all matches, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City scored five goals to win the game. In the most notable match between Arsenal and Manchester United, Arsenal won 3-1 thanks to Declan Rice’s dramatic winning goal, and Liverpool also beat Aston Villa 3-0 thanks to Dominic Sobosler’s performance. Chelsea, which is seeking a rebound under Mauricio Pochettino, are having a bad early stage with Nottingham Forest losing 0-1.

After all the schedules, the British public broadcaster “BBC” selected the team of the week. Tottenham had the largest number of players with three, followed by Arsenal with two, Manchester City and Brighton, Liverpool and Nottingham, West Ham United and Everton with one each.

Son Heung-min was also proudly named. South Korea’s “Captain” Son Heung-min was selected as Tottenham’s “Captain” this season and once again solidified his position. Harry Kane, his “best friend,” moved to Bayern Munich, which made his shoulders heavier, but he is also leading the team by playing Kane’s role.

In the last game against Burnley, he scored a hat trick. In the match, Son Heung-min attempted a total of five shots and scored three effective shots. The percentage of goals scored per shot is 100%. He showed off his tremendous goal-determining ability. Based on the soccer statistics media “Sofa Score,” Son Heung-min received the team’s highest rating of 9.2. Son Heung-min was also the best player by the standards of “Husscored.”

The U.K. also showed enthusiastic responses. British media ’90min’ gave Son Heung-min the highest rating of the game, 9 points, and said, “The first goal was a great finish. He also finished the game.” British media “Evening Standard” also gave the same nine points as “90min,” adding, “His finishing ability is still fantastic.” He scored a hat trick on the road. It’s amazing,” he said.

British media ‘Football London’ gave it a perfect score of 10. They said, “He scored his first goal of the season after exchanging passes with Solomon. It was really beautiful. Later, he scored his second goal after receiving a pass from a prisoner and soon scored a hat trick. He played a central role in the team in other forms. He said, “It was really effective and coach Postecoglou’s system worked wonderfully.” “BBC” and “Sky Sports” also used Son Heung-min as their main characters.

Coach Enje Postecoglou expressed his deep affection for Son Heung-min. He said, “Son Heung-min was really amazing. Looking at his daily training, Son Heung-min is an excellent leader. He led our pressure today and proved his quality at every opportunity. I’m really happy to be with him.”

Son Heung-min achieved a hat trick in a year following the match against Leicester City last season. He has surpassed his “image” Cristiano Ronaldo. With this hat trick, he scored 106 goals in the EPL, surpassing Ronaldo, who scored 103 goals, and ranked 31st in EPL history. It is a joint record with No. 30 Darren Bent. Now there are only 29 people left above him. Paul Scholes is 29th with 107 goals, with Peter Crouch scoring 108 and Ryan Giggs scoring 109.

Along with Son Heung-min, James Madison and Christian Romero, who were named to the “captain team” this season, were also honored. Both players contributed to the victory by scoring one goal each against Burnley. In particular, Madison, who joined this summer, is increasing its value as a “lucky” by completely filling Christian Eriksen’s vacancy.

There is also much to be said about Elling Holland and Evan Ferguson, who formed the front line with Son Heung-min. Both players scored hat tricks in this round. Holland was a front-line striker against Fulham. After finishing the first half in silence, he scored his first goal in the 13th minute of the second half to start the game. Later, in the 25th minute of the second half, he completed the multi-goal by finishing the penalty kick obtained by Julien Álvarez himself, and received a pass from Sergio Gomes in the extra time of the second half to complete the hat trick. With this day’s performance, Holland scored six league goals and took the sole lead in scoring.

Ferguson is an 18-year-old striker who is considered Brighton’s ‘future’. He completed a hat trick against ‘strong’ Newcastle United. He scored the first goal in the 27th minute of the first half to give the team the lead, and scored consecutive goals in the 20th and 25th minutes of the second half to become the main character of the game 카지노사이트

In addition, Jordan Pickford, Kurt Zouma, Joe Warrell, Dominic Sobosleri, Declan Rice, and Martin Oedegard were named in the team of the week.

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