Family of anti-diabetic medications SGLT-2 inhibitors

Family of anti-diabetic medications SGLT-2 inhibitors


What we call diabetes is that insulin resistance is basic insulin gold, but diabetes from poor insulin surgery due to abdominal fat doesn’t improve insulin resistance or promote insulin secretion, but it’s only insulin-related and there’s a reason why insulin blood is produced in the kidneys. Sugar. I’m telling you, the packaging is reused and it’s time to drain the blood

If the kidney is filled with about 180 grams, it becomes Jehovah’s relationship. I’ll make some blood and eat 184. In healthy people, glucose is secreted once in the kidneys and once in the blood, and when absorbed again, sugar is used as an energy source. The higher the blood sugar, the higher the blood sugar level and the higher the blood sugar level. The higher the blood sugar level, the higher the blood sugar level, the higher the blood sugar level, the higher the blood sugar level. Metropolitan City means that if you add sugar for $198, you have to get it out of the system so that the set value doesn’t drop. It’s the same blood sugar as yesterday, but if it’s too high, we’ll send it

But I work with kidney-related salt, and I do a lot of work. And I’m going to say that slt2 is the most important part. There’s a square number. The problem with diabetics is that Jesus is increasing a lot in the best two. So when you’re high on the ground, you have to let it out, not reabsorption, but you can’t do that because you continue. It is similar to what Start 2 takes out to prevent Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance from rising. If you use a company with diabetes, you lose sugar, but if you use it a day, it releases at least 70 to 100 grams of blood, which is about 285,1400 calories in our blood

That’s the way to drop blood sugar. Seo Tae-joon’s job cuts are effective. When you eat three meals a day, you distribute all the air and drop it, and one air escapes, so the chairman has a lot of work to do and the person who shrinks only drinks in the back seat. You can’t use it if it falls off, but if it falls off, it doesn’t work, and the bones are drained of sugar through urine, so it’s now a urological reproductive system

We hear a voice of urinary tract infection. It is recommended to use a younger sister who is slightly less likely to be infected with urologic organisms. Sometimes when we choose to limit ourselves, there are different types of diabetes medications, especially when we do blood tests, we shouldn’t use drugs close to us in this case. Sometimes I get on the plane.

There are times when you have to use this medicine despite the inevitable number of people or concerns. Then, the side effect of slt2 inhibitors is that they are better than documents that you use because your body swells

In my case, I use the reservation by subtracting two minutes or because your situation affects me. Few men have urinary tract infections. For every 100 females, one or two targets can cause bladder inflammation. It will be a side effect. In general, older people over 65 refrain from using it because it has a reduction effect and is not as energetic as passers-by

It’s not that I can’t use it, but if I’m not mentally ill, I want to lose some weight. I think there are not enough people there. Because the situation is different for each person, I think it is better to improve obesity and prevent diabetes if there is a proper story

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