Faker Solo Ranker Permanently suspends all of his deliberate trolls

Faker Solo Ranker Permanently suspends all of his deliberate trolls.


All accounts that were intentional trolls in Faker’s solo rank have been permanently suspended.

Lee Sang-hyuk lost the game when he met with vicious observers while he was hosting his solo broadcast of League of Legends (LoL) on the afternoon of the 27th.

In response, Lee Sang-hyuk said, “I have been doing ‘troll’ deliberately for months, but I don’t know why it can’t be stopped. “I have to practice, but I can’t concentrate because I have to find evidence and I can’t even focus on what I do.”

Currently, all of Lee Sang-hyuk’s accounts that have been interviewed as solo rankings have been permanently suspended. At least one to three people were permanently suspended from the other team as well as the team members who made the game lose by playing with Lee Sang-hyuk. Although it is not possible to conclude that all employees have been ambushed, it is true that they have stolen Korean accounts.

“This case can be seen as a case of illegal access by stealing Korean accounts from overseas,” said an official from Riot Games Korea. “You need a Korean account to use a Korean server.” “There is a Korean self-certification process, so there is no problem at all if the account was created and used normally by foreigners, including China, after the self-certification process,” he explained.

In short, there were up to four observers in Lee Sang-hyuk’s solo rank game, and Lee Sang-hyuk ranked solo in this environment for about a year from last year to this year. Lee Sang-hyuk also mentioned that he seems to have lost about 2,000 points in his solo rank this year due to malicious viewers.

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