“Exercising while pregnant improves baby lung function”.

“Exercising while pregnant improves baby lung function”.


Studies have shown that if pregnant women exercise during pregnancy, not only the mother but also the lung function of the baby born will be improved.

According to the European Lung Health Foundation on the 5th (local time), a research team led by Dr. Hrev or Kathrin Goodmunzdotir of Pediatrics at Oslo University in Norway announced the results of the study at the European Respiratory Society held by video.

The research team analyzed data on the prevention of childhood atopic dermatitis and allergies conducted on 814 babies born in Oslo and Stockholm, Sweden, from December 2014 to October 2016.

The data included the results of surveys conducted by mothers during the 18th and 34th weeks of pregnancy. It was a survey of health status, lifestyle, socioeconomic factors, and nutritional status, especially the amount of exercise, intensity, and exercise time of mothers at 18 weeks of pregnancy.

Since then, measurement of baby lung function has been conducted when the babies born by the mothers are about three months old. It was a method of covering the nose and mouth while the baby was stably awake and recording the flow and amount of inhalation and exhalation.

The most important thing in measuring lung function is to check the ‘maximum expiratory flow time compared to the total expiratory (exhale) time’ (tPTEF/tE). A low level means that the amount of exhalation, that is, the exhalation flow, is small.

The average tPTEF/tE measurement of 814 babies surveyed was 0.391.

The research team said that babies of women who did not exercise during pregnancy are more likely to have tPTEF/tE measurements of less than 0.25 than babies of women who exercised.

In other words, children born by mothers who did not exercise are more likely to have lower lung function than babies born by mothers who exercised.파워볼사이트

Researchers added that babies with tPTEF/tE less than 0.20 immediately after birth are more likely to develop asthma before the age of 10.

According to the research team, 47 (5.8%) belonged to the group with the lowest lung function out of 814 babies.

This included 25 out of 290 babies (8.6%) of mothers who did not exercise. On the other hand, out of 524 babies of mothers who exercised, only 22 (4.2%) were included in the group.

The researchers said they will conduct follow-up studies to find out how lung function develops and respiratory diseases such as asthma develop as babies grow up.

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