Eli Finally Ji Yeonsoo left Sorry for hugging Minsoo

Eli Finally Ji Yeonsoo left Sorry for hugging Minsoo


Eli-Ji Yeon-soo ends his hapga life

In the 12th episode of the TV CHOSUN real-time drama “We Got Divorced 2” (hereinafter referred to as “Woo Divorce 2”), which will air on July 1, Eli, Ji Yeon-soo, and Min-soo will be shown facing a sad breakup.

After Eli’s declaration of independence last week, Eli and Ji Yeon-soo met again at Han River Park, a place of their own memories, and had a serious conversation about their future relationships. Meanwhile, Eli expressed a cautious desire to Ji Yeon-soo, saying, “I want to remain a friend,” and questions are being raised about what kind of answer Ji Yeon-soo, who was shocked by Eli’s declaration of independence, would have given.

Above all, Eli chose to go to the accommodation to give Minsu time to adjust a week before going to the U.S., and Eli and Ji Yeon-soo each began to prepare for the upcoming breakup. Eli then celebrated his son Min-soo’s birthday, holding a hand-prepared gift and having Min-soo’s birthday party for the first time in two years. Min-soo blew a candle on his birthday cake and made a desperate wish, “Don’t let my dad leave us,” but Eli told Min-soo the news of the breakup like a bolt out of the blue, saying, “Dad has to pack up today.”

The three returned home after the birthday party, and Eli said hello to Minsu and packed up and left for the accommodation. When Min-soo and Min-soo were left alone, Ji Yeon-soo looked at Min-soo quietly and finally burst into tears, hugging Min-soo who hugged him and sobbing for a long time, saying, “I’m sorry.”

A week later, on the day of Eli’s departure from the U.S., Ji Yeon-soo and Min-soo left for the airport together to see him off. Before leaving, Eli and Ji Yeon-soo had a candid conversation for the last time, and Eli said to Ji Yeon-soo, “Thanks to the broadcast, I think our relationship has gone from gravel to sand.”

On the other hand, Ji Yeon-soo made a surprise appearance as a studio guest for the first time in “Ui Hon 2” and met with the MCs. Ji Yeon-soo is expected to tell stories that he has not been able to tell on the show, from the reason why he decided to appear in “Ui Divorce 2” to how he felt about his first reunion with Eli.

The production team said, “The Eli-Ji-Yeon couple, who received support and encouragement from viewers, chose to break up for a while,” adding, “Please look forward to the sad story of the two who will make viewers cry by pouring out their hearts.”

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