Doctor Lee Jung Min, Ana. After quitting KBS

Doctor Lee Jung Min, Ana. After quitting KBS, she got a luxury item in Relaxed Guam


Lee Jung-min, a former KBS announcer, boasted his daughter’s gift.

On the 14th, Lee Jung-min said on his Instagram, “The luxury item I got in Guam, the heaven of shopping! It’s a rubber band bracelet that I’m into these days! She makes a few of them by hand every day, and the color is pretty, so I like it. ♥ My daughter’s handmade gift is more precious than any other luxury brand in the world. Mom and dad will keep it forever,” he posted a photo with the message.

In the released photo, Lee Jung-min is walking on the streets of Guam wearing a blue dress and sunglasses. Lee Jung-min’s sexy figure stands out on the fluttering skirt. He also showed his affection for his daughter by showing her bracelet.

Lee Jungmin said, “Oh, I’m glad I came to Korea #I’m not a civilian,” he said, adding, “I don’t know what I’s going on.

Meanwhile, Lee joined KBS as the 31st public recruitment announcer in 2005 and quit KBS 17 years after her second pregnancy last month.

Lee Jung-min married an otolaryngologist in 2012 and has one son and one daughter.

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