DKZ Jaechan’s motto Live as you want The summer pictorial

DKZ Jaechan’s motto Live as you want


The summer pictorial of boy group DKZ has been released.

In this pictorial released in the June issue of fashion entertainment magazine The Star, DKZ showed a variety of charms of six people.

In an interview that followed after the photoshoot, DKZ said, “We have all six individual charms. DKZ’s own color has been completed by gathering various charms such as singing skills, personality, and visuals, he said. “Everyone says they are excited to see us because they know how to play on stage.”

DKZ met the existing members of Dong Kids, Kyung Yoon, Jae Chan, Jong Hyung, and new members, Se Hyun, Mingyu, and Giseok. Se-hyun said, “It’s like a drama. It’s amazing that I’m standing on stage, and I can’t believe there are fans who hug me with undeserved love,” Kyung-yoon said. “I was at a loss, but my worries disappeared when I saw the new members actively participate.”

When asked when he started dreaming of becoming an idol, Jae-chan said, “It was so fun to sing and the composition was attractive. I didn’t want to be an idol from the beginning, but I was able to debut like this because I kept doing music,” Mingyu said, “At first, I thought I only needed to sing well, but the dance was so cool.” I really wanted to be an idol since then.”

When asked about his life motto, Ki-seok said, “When you think it’s late, it’s the fastest,” followed by Jae-chan, “Let’s live as we want.” It’s not good to just look at other people’ I don’t think I have the most regrets about just doing what I want to do,” he confessed honestly.

Lastly, DKZ Mingyu said, “I really want to win first place in music shows someday,” followed by Jong-hyung, “I want to be an idol who can comfort and touch everyone.” Just as I dreamed of becoming an idol while watching my seniors, I hope there will be people who dream of us.”

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