Derek Lewis

Derek Lewis abruptly canceled the game due to weight loss…

Derek Lewis abruptly canceled the game due to weight loss gastrointestinal pain

Derek Lewis

Due to Derek Lewis gastrointestinal disease, the match between Derek Lewis and Sergey Spivac, the main card of UFC Fight Night 215, was reportedly suddenly canceled three hours before the match.

According to foreign media such as MMA Junkie, Lewis did not do anything to affect the progress of the game, such as passing the weigh-in without any problems.

However, he collapsed on the day of the match and was taken to a hospital and diagnosed with inability to play. His condition is not accurate, but he is known to be due to the aftereffects of weight loss.

Excessive weight loss often causes stomachache due to twisting of the stomach, and Lewis seems to have suffered such pain.

However, the stomachache in that condition is a temporary phenomenon, and Dr. Jeff Davidson of UFC, who examined Lewis, said, “There was a temporary problem, but I solved it and left the hospital immediately.” 안전공원

Lewis also expressed his intention to continue the game, saying, “There is nothing wrong,” but failed to reach the Octagon due to the diagnosis that he could not play the game right away.

Due to the cancellation of 13KO’s Lewis (MMA 26-10; UFC 17-8) and Spivac (MMA 15-3; UFC 6-3), the light heavyweight Njetsku-Kutelaba match, which lost to Jung Da-woon in November last year, became the main player, and Njetsku won the second TKO victory.

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