Davichi Kang Min-kyung Lee Hae-ri’s wedding

Davichi Kang Min-kyung Lee Hae-ri’s wedding I’m going to kill you


Davichi member Kang Min-kyung responded “funny and sad” to Lee Hae-ri’s wedding announcement.

Kang Min-kyung received a fierce response from Internet users by posting a comment on the news of Lee Hae-ri’s wedding on Instagram on the 11th, saying, “I’ll get out of my way.”

Lee Hae-ri delivered the news of her marriage in a handwritten letter. Lee Hae-ri introduced the prospective groom, saying, “I don’t feel it yet, but I’m getting married,” adding, “When we’re together, we have a lot to laugh about, and we have a lot to learn.”

He then said, “More than anything else, I am a person who respects and cares about me more than anyone else, and I will be with you forever,” adding, “I will continue to sing and laugh and chat with Min-kyung on the spot as Davichi Lee Hae-ri.”

Davichi’s agency Wake One said in an official position, “Lee Hae-ri will marry her beloved lover in July.”

Meanwhile, Davichi is set to release his new mini-album “Season Note” on the 16th. Kang Min-kyung is currently in self-quarantine due to COVID-19 confirmed

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