CIX “Save me, Kill me” performance in Warsaw has been…

CIX “Save me, Kill me” performance in Warsaw has been completed…Going on a world tour.


CIX (CIX) has begun a full-fledged world tour.

CIX (BX, Seung-hoon, Bae Jin-young, Yong-hee, and Hyun-seok) held the “CIX 2nd WORLD TOUR IN WARSAW” in Warsaw, Poland, on January 15.

CIX, which wrapped up the year with a “Save me, Kill me” performance in Seoul on the 31st of last month, headed to Warsaw, the first destination of its European tour in about two weeks.

CIX, who opened the opening with “Numb,” said, “I’ve been hoping to have an opportunity to meet European FIXs (fandom names), but I’m happy to be able to come to Warsaw and have a concert like this. I will sing hard so that I can remain a very happy memory,” he said.

It then heated up the atmosphere of the performance with powerful performances such as “Jungle,” “Imagine” and “458.”

There was also a solo stage where each member’s individuality stood out. He communicated with local fans by decorating Justin Bieber, Martin, Play, and 5 Seconds of Summer in his own color.

Since then, the atmosphere has been reversed with CIX’s intense performance, and the next meeting has been promised by presenting “The One” as an encore stage.

CIX said, “We are grateful to FIX for continuing to love and support us. “I hope today’s performance will remain a happy memory in FIX’s memory for a long time,” he said.

Meanwhile, CIX`s will tour Europe through Poland, the Netherlands, the UK, France and Germany until the 29th. From March 10th to 26th, he will visit nine American cities, including New York, Reading, Washington, Chicago, Houston, Fort Worth, Temp, Los Angeles, and Oakland.

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