Choi Ji-man

Choi Ji-man tied to Otani hits Kim Ha-sung in 7 games

Choi Ji-man tied to Otani hits Kim Ha-sung in 7 games

Choi Ji-man

In the third inning with two outs and runners on first and second base, Otani’s “main weapon” splitter swallowed his disappointment, and in the sixth inning, he struck out again, failing to respond to Otani’s breaking ball at all.

Choi Ji-man’s batting average, which has been silent for three consecutive games since his return from injury with no hits in four at-bats, fell to 0.283 without keeping the .300 range.

However, in defense, he showed an impressive performance of flipping the referee’s call twice.

In the situation of checking the first runner, he confidently asked for a video reading and reversed the result, and in the fourth inning, he even showed a bare-handed catch and changed the original verdict.

Otani, a “two-hit and two-time player,” succeeded in stealing bases after Choi Ji-man got on base with a lucky infield hit made by missing the ball.

He also pitched well with one run in six innings on the mound, but the Angels lost 2-4 in the game that lasted until the 10th inning of extra time, failing to take care of the victory 토토추천

Kim Ha-sung sent a big ball to the fence in the fourth inning. Leaving behind his disappointment, he dropped the ball between the defense and recorded a hit in the sixth inning.

Kim Ha-sung’s batting average, who reported a hit in seven games and 29 at-bats, returned to exactly 0.200.

Kim Ha-sung, who coordinated his batting sense, also worked hard in defense.

In the eighth inning, he made a fantastic double play with two outcounts alone in the crisis of losing runs with no outs and runners on first and second base.

However, San Diego lost 5-7 to the Chicago Cubs.

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