Choi Hee

Choi Hee’s face paralysis caused an involuntary unemployment time

Choi Hee’s face paralysis caused an involuntary unemployment time

Choi Hee

Broadcaster Choi Hee confessed to the aftereffects of facial paralysis.

Choi Hee posted on her Instagram on the morning of the 1st, “This time when I was involuntary unemployed for the time being due to aftereffects may be another painful time for me, but I’m okay because I’ve been busy since 4 a.m.”

“Daughter who looks like she’s grown up.” I had a lot of teeth, and I read Dudu Shadow Theater Louvre book in the morning, and Bok said “Cute” to the baby doll. “I smelled coffee in the morning, made coffee, and my husband, who ambitiously presented a recipe book, did something he didn’t want to eat (?), thank you.”

Choi Hee also said, “There were more people who suffered from facial paralysis than I thought. Thank you for sharing good information and sending me messages of support,” he said. “I’ve also been discharged from the hospital and now I’m going to the oriental medicine hospital every day, so I’ll be able to share good information and helpful things!” I need to succeed in rehabilitation, right? That’s why I’m fighting,” he posted several photos and videos.

The released photo shows Choi Hee and her daughter Bok. Earlier, Choi Hee was hospitalized for facial paralysis and dizziness, and was discharged from the hospital on the 30th of last month after receiving treatment.

At that time, he revealed only his left face without paralysis on SNS, and posted, “I’m suddenly depressed because facial paralysis and dizziness come straight to me, but… I’ll recover well without shaking, believing that I’ll be okay again.”

Meanwhile, Choi Hee, a former KBS N announcer, married a non-celebrity businessman husband in 2020 and gave birth to her first daughter in November of that year

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