Choby, currently the best mid-runner in the world

Choby, currently the best mid-runner in the world, the U.S. media said


Choby (real name Jung Ji-hoon, 21) was selected as the best professional gamer in the League of Legends (LoL) Midlane position.

On the 7th, Chobi was praised for being the world’s best mid-runner throughout the year in the group preview of the round of 16 of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship (LOL World Cup) reported by the U.S. e-sports media “Nerd Street.”

After finishing Mexico’s final qualifying round (play-in), the LOL World Cup will play the group stage and quarterfinals of the finals in the U.S. from Oct. 8 to Nov.

Choby was considered the No. 1 player in the position not only right now when the tournament was held but also even if he expanded his scope to the entire season.

“Nerd Street” selected ▲ showmaker (Heo Xu, 22) ▲ Xiaohu (Li Yuanhao, 24, China) ▲ Scout (Lee Ye-chan, 24) ▲ Knight (Judding, 22) as the 2nd to 5th place in the current mid-lane, which boasts strong season performance this year.

Chobi’s Gen.G and Heo Soo’s Damwon KIA are Korean professional game teams. Xiaohu’s Royal Never Give Up, Scout’s Edward and Knight’s Top eSports are Chinese teams. Edward is in Group A, Damwon KIA is in Group B, and Top e-Sports is in Group C of the 2022 LOL World Cup. Gen.G and Royal Never Give-Up will face off in Group D.

There is also e-sports superstar Faker (Lee Sang-hyuk, 26) in the same position.

“Nerd Street” recognized as “the best league of professional gamers of all time,” but added, “It is the first international competition to participate without being the world’s top 5 mid-runner.”

“I can face the steepest competition since my debut,” he said, predicting a difficult LOL World Cup.

Faker’s SK Telecom CST One (T1, Korea) is in Group A.

League of Legends Mid Rainer Top 5 코인파워볼

* Based on the current criteria, Nerd Street in the United States is selected

No. 1 Chobi (Jung Ji-hoon, South Korea)
2nd place showmaker (Herger, South Korea)
3rd place Xiaohu (Li Yuanhao, China)
4th place scout (Lee Ye-chan, Korea)
5th place Night (Zhu Ding, China)

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