Cho Sungjoo

Cho Sungjoo won the GSL for the fifth time, standing…

Cho Sungjoo won the GSL for the fifth time, standing as the most winners ever

Cho Sungjoo

Cho Sungjoo won the 2022 GSL Season 3 and reached the top of the GSL for the fifth time ever.

Cho Sung-joo once again lifted the trophy by defeating Shin Hee-beom 4-0 in the Code S final of the Global League “2022 GSL (Global Starcraft 2 League) Season 3” at Afreeca Freecup Studio in Daechi-dong, Seoul on the 15th.

Cho Sung-joo, who reached the GSL final for the second consecutive season and the eighth time in his personal career, won the title of “G5L (GSL 5 times)” after his fourth attempt since winning the GSL 4 times, and also won the honor of the most winners ever.

Cho Sung-joo easily took one or two sets by driving Shin Hee-beom throughout the whole time with his prepared strategy.

He then caught even three sets after a long game and continued his momentum until four sets, becoming the brightest player in the GSL with a 13-year history.

Cho Sung-joo said, “It took a long time to achieve G5L, and I thank my fans and family for their continued trust and support. “I will not settle for this championship, but I will win five more times in the future,” he said.

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