Cho Hye-ryeon

Cho Hye-ryeon, all right Park Hye-min, you overcame

Cho Hye-ryeon, all right Park Hye-min, you overcame the conflict You fool

Cho Hye-ryeon

Comedian Cho Hye-ryeon’s Allke Park Hye-min revealed a black bruise on her palm.

On the 12th, Park Hye-min said on Instagram, “Hye-min, please just pretend to act. I’m too immersed,” he said.

In the photo posted, Park Hye-min revealed her palm. My little hand was black and black. Park Hye-min said, “Please just imitate it,” but she even got bruised because she was too immersed in it.

Her husband, Jo Ji-hwan, said, “You fool. I thought you were going to kill a bull when you were catching a mosquito. You can only do that during the actual shoot, but when you come out or not, just full power. Ugh,” he lamented.

Meanwhile, Park Hye-min and Jo Ji-hwan appeared on MBC’s “Oh Eun-young Report” and confessed their hardships of life. I borrowed it from an acquaintance because I didn’t have 50,000 won for gas, and when I quit being a nurse and challenged the show host, my mother-in-law nagged me, causing regret

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