Chae Soobin, King Kong by Starship Full support

Chae Soobin, King Kong by Starship Full support for renewal


Actor Chae Soo-bin has renewed his contract with King Kong by Starship.

On the 25th, King Kong by Starship said, “Chae Soo-bin, who has been brilliant in dramas, movies and plays, has renewed his contract with King Kong by Starship. We will continue to give full support to continue our shining activities as an actor based on our strong trust,” he said.

Chae Soo-bin debuted as a theater stage and has continued to make various moves regardless of field and genre with his solid acting skills. He received attention by winning the Best New Actor Award at the KBS Drama Awards and the Best Actor Award at the MBC Drama Awards for his deep presence through KBS’s “Gureumi-Drawing Moonlight” and MBC’s “Translator: A Bandit Who Stole the People.”

Since then, Chae Soo-bin’s romance sensibility, which was introduced on SBS’ “Fox House Star” and tvN’s “Banban,” has colored many with excitement and has steadily communicated with the audience through the play “Henri Grandpa and I.”

In particular, Chae Soo-bin drew sympathy by portraying the background of youth of this era realistically in the recent Netflix film “Sweet and Sour.” In the Disney+ original series “You and My Police Class,” he completely transformed himself into a freshman at a police university from his appearance and captivated viewers with his bright and bouncy energy. Expectations are high on Chae Soo-bin’s future move with his agency King Kong by Starship, who announced his hard work by confirming his appearance in the Netflix series “The Fabulous.”

Meanwhile, Starship Entertainment, which renewed its contract with Chae Soo-bin, includes singers K.Will, MONSTA X, WJSN, Jeong Se-woon, CRAVITY, and I.V., while actor labels King Kong by Starship include actors Kim Bum, Son Woo-hyun, Song Ha-yoon, Shin Seung-ho, Ahn So-yo, Oh So-won, Yoo Yeon-won, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, and Lee

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