Chae Eunjung

Chae Eunjung left her mother when she was 10 years old

Chae Eunjung left her mother when she was 10 years old, and her father remarried three times

Chae Eunjung

Singer Chae Eun-jung, a former member of the group “Cleo,” confessed her turbulent family history.

Chae Eun-jung said on the YouTube channel “Updates Olympics” on the 21st, “I have a grudge against my family. My mother died when I was 10, and my father remarried three times.”

“I spent my adolescence at a time when my new mother kept changing. One day when I went home, my mother had changed, he said. “My father also died quickly because he had a chronic disease for a long time. He was sick for so long that I thought it would be better to die,” he said.

“I have been independent since I was 20 years old. “I didn’t get any help from my family,” he said. “I didn’t even go to school because I was a singer. I didn’t even get any tuition,” he said.

Regarding solo activities after Cleo’s activities, Chae Eun-jung said, “I thought I was the best, but my confidence was reduced by solo activities,” adding, “At that time, it was a flood of popular solo female singers such as Ivy, Lee Hyo-ri, and Seo In-young.” Everyone didn’t want me. I left for Hong Kong recklessly because I wanted to leave Korea. I spent eight years abroad,” hefty foreign country.

Regarding the recently released new song ‘Wihufufu’, he said, “It’s been 13 years since we released a song. It feels like a dance song of memories, he said. “I want to set an example that I can do well even when I am old.”

Chae Eun-jung made her debut as a girl group Cleo in 1999 and gained popularity with hits such as “Contradictory” and “Good Time.”

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