Cha Ye-ryeon

Cha Ye-ryeon, that’s why you fell in love with Joo Sang-wook

Cha Ye-ryeon, that’s why you fell in love with Joo Sang-wook. You’ll believe me if I’m not your daughter’s mom

Cha Ye-ryeon

Cha Ye-ryeon showed off her sophisticated beauty.

On the 3rd, actress Cha Ye-ryeon said on her Instagram, “I’m in a coffee truck. I love you.” “Golden Mask, fighting! See you again tonight.” He posted a video with the message.

In the released video, Cha Ye-ryeon is certifying the coffee truck she received as a gift. In particular, Cha Ye-ryeon is attracting attention by boasting an atmosphere that looks young with colorful features. Her innocent and bright beauty stands out.

Meanwhile, Cha Ye-ryeon married actor Joo Sang-wook, who is seven years older, and has one daughter.

He also made a comeback to the small screen with KBS 2TV’s new daily drama “Golden Mask.” “Golden Mask” is a tragedy created by false desire and greed, and tells the story of finding the answer to life in the mad fight of three women. Cha Ye-ryeon, Lee Hyun-jin, Na Young-hee, and Lee Hwi-hyang will appear

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