cervical cancer screening You do a lot of You do a lot of

cervical cancer screening


You do a lot of cervical cancer tests I’m going to talk about reactive cell changes that are confusing among the results that come out these days There are a lot of checkups these days. Come to search for cold wind. Then, November and December. The number of people who came to get a checkup before the end of this year increases a lot. I’m already getting a lot of checkups But there are some confusing results

There are times when it doesn’t feel normal and when there’s a problem, it doesn’t feel like there’s a problem One of the most representative things is that we introduce normally, and we have something called reactive cell change Now, I think that there’s something wrong with the cells, or something like that, and I think that there’s a cell change, but now, as normal, I want you to have a regular checkup that’s really clean and doesn’t have anything on it I think these results are less than 10% of the normal ones That’s not how it works So, almost 90% of normal people know it’s a reactive cell change

So what this reactive cell change is, in a typical case, when you have inflammation If you have inflammation, you can get vaginitis, cervical cancer, or secretions, regardless of whether you have self-awareness or not When you look at the cells, it’s not a perfectly normal cell, and it’s affected by inflammation or something. It’s not a cancer cell, but it doesn’t look like a smooth normal cell. So when there’s inflammation,

I’m going to talk about the meaning of these things, how they should be tested, what results can come out, and how to treat them Next time, I’ll explain about the other results, so if you have any suggestions, please refer to them Of course, the doctor knows the condition of the ocean directly, but the measures can’t explain everything, so I hope you use it as a reference. I’ll see you on the rooftop next time. It’s weird Today, I’m going to interpret the cervical cancer test results 강남풀싸롱

I think it’s a possibility that he has the virus So, it doesn’t happen a lot. But because of the funny story, we have to look at it a little bit harder. I think there are many people who stay the same and go back to normal. When I tested, I got vaccinated once again. But after that, the virus is completely gone And then the cells only came out normal cells So don’t be too reluctant to get vaccinated, and when you have this problem, I think it’s right to think about it actively

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