Captures a daughter running to Um Taewoong and Yoon Hyejin

Captures a daughter running to Um Taewoong and Yoon Hyejin. Lovely mother and daughter


Actor Um Tae-woong released a photo of his wife and daughter.

Eom Tae-woong uploaded a picture on his Instagram on the 5th without any special comments.

The photo shows the back of her daughter, Ji-on, running to her mother, Yoon Hye-jin, on a street in Jeju Island. Yoon Hye-jin’s smile waiting for her daughter with open arms creates warmth.

Recently, Yoon Hye-jin recently visited Jeju Island, where Lee Hyo-ri, who had a relationship with her husband Um Tae-woong and daughter Ji-on as a “Seoul Check-in,” lives.

Meanwhile, Eom Tae-woong married Yoon Hye-jin, a former ballerina, in 2013 and has a daughter, Ji-on. In the past, he appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Superman is Back” and revealed his parenting routine. His wife Yoon Hye-jin recently appeared in JTBC’s “Where I Go Back to Me – Liberation Town” and TVing “Seoul Check-in.” I’m communicating through my personal YouTube channel

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