Singer j-hope

BTS Singer j-hope, “The most important thing in life….

BTS Singer j-hope, “The most important thing in life = dreams, efforts, and challenges.”

BTS J-Hope picked dreams, efforts, and challenges as the most important things in life.

Singer j-hope

J-Hope made the announcement through “J-Hope meets Jung Ho-seok” released by Disney+’s “J-Hope in the Box” on the 2nd.

The video, which features singer J-Hope and human Jung Ho-seok interviewing each other in person, drew attention with the unique composition of the two simultaneously in one frame. Through interviews, he told his colorful stories, ranging from human Jung Ho-seok, who dreamed of becoming a singer, to artist J-Hope, who successfully completed his solo stage at Lollapalooza.

First of all, when asked about J-Hope’s “the most important thing in life based on the past, present, and future,” Jung Ho-seok replied, “The past is a dream, the present is an effort, and the future is a challenge.” He said that efforts can be a challenge and dreams can be a challenge, revealing that every moment in Jung Ho-seok’s life is meaningful.

In the interview that Jung Ho-seok asked J-Hope, singer J-Hope then expressed his sincerity as an artist. In particular, when asked if there was anything he cared most about on the successful Lola Paluza solo stage, he said, “The Lola Paluza performance, which was a big challenge, will remain an unforgettable history of J-Hope. “I paid attention to the stage set, lighting, and sound, but I paid a lot of attention to showing J-Hope as he practiced,” he said.

Singer J-Hope in the Box is a hive production documentary that contains artist J-Hope’s album production and activities for more than 200 days. It will be released simultaneously around the world on Disney+ and Weverse at 5 p.m. on the 17th.

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