BTS Jimin

BTS Jimin “Filder Rhythm of Korea” has 300 million views.

BTS Jimin “Filder Rhythm of Korea” has 300 million views.

BTS Jimin

A promotional video for Korean tourism featuring “BTS Jimin” surpassed 300 million views, shining global popularity.

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) released all four cities’ “Feel the Rhythm of Korea” videos on its official YouTube channel, starting with a teaser video on October 14, followed by Busan, Daejeon, Pohang on October 27 and Jeju on November 8.

“Filder Rhythm of Korea” is a concept video introducing local tourist attractions along with old K-pop masterpieces, and Jimin caught the eye by introducing Pohang, an iron city, with an impact as strong as a flame burning along the wire in the recently released “Pohang Hip-hop” episode.

Finally, Jeju, the healing city, completed a beautiful video like a scene in a movie with a happy and relaxed appearance that melts into jazz music with the beautiful scenery of the sea under the wind and the red sunset.

Jimin’s 2022 Korean Tourism Overseas Promotion Video attracted explosive attention from the release of the teaser, and as of 0 o’clock on the 16th, it attracted a lot of attention from the world, recording 88.64 million teaser, 73.73 million Busan, 69.48 million Daejeon, 49.34 million Pohang, and 27.64 million Jeju.

Jimin drew attention by leading the local economy to revitalize the local economy in his hometown of Busan, Jeju, where he enjoyed promotional effects with visiting photos last year, Myeong-dong, and Seongsu, where birthday fan support was held.

In particular, as he has been at the forefront of promoting Korea to the world through Korean, hanbok, traditional dance, and Korean food as well as K-pop, it has a great promotional effect as a Korean frontman, one of the best things in Korea.

Meanwhile, the Korea Tourism Organization will hold outdoor advertisements from November to December at major landmarks in six countries, including the United States, Britain, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and Qatar (linked to the 2022 Qatar World Cup) to promote four cities and various local tourism attractions.

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