BTS, about to join the army…We don’t know about

BTS, about to join the army…We don’t know about the full group activity


BTS The members seem to have consistently hinted at enlistment.

Jin, a member of the oldest BTS who is scheduled to join the military, made a meaningful comment after finishing a performance in Busan on the 15th.

Jin said, “I thought a lot and felt a lot of emotions while performing. “This is the last concert that has been scheduled,” he said. “I thought I should keep my current feelings in mind when I can do it again in the future.”

Jean was born in 1992 and must join the army within this year. He will be the fastest member of the BTS to serve in active duty.

Jin also made a surprise announcement at the Busan concert hall. He is the second soloist after J-Hope. He explained, “I got to release a song because I had a relationship with someone I liked.”

J-Hope, the first solo member, also made a remark. He emphasized ‘belief’ in front of fans. “I want to talk about the future, but it’s time to believe,” he said. “It’s time for BTS members and ARMY (BTS fandom) to draw the future with a unified belief.”

Earlier, leader RM also made remarks that hinted at enlistment. “There are many artists, but I’m not sure if they did better than them,” he said as he won the grand prize at the 2022 The Fact Music Awards held at the Olympic Park Case Forum in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 8th. “I think we’ll be able to show our honest selves as many things are organized soon.”

Suga is expected to join the military after Jin. Suga, who was born in 1993, will be required to serve in the military within next year. RM and J-Hope, who were born in 1994, V, who was born in 1995, and Jungkook, who was born in 1997, are on the verge of joining the military several times. If all of them join the military, it will be difficult to perform as a full group for up to seven years.

After Jin’s enlistment, other members are expected to join the military. Big Hit Music, affiliated with BTS’s agency Hive, said, “We inform you that the BTS has begun concrete preparations to fulfill its military service obligations,” adding, “Other members will also perform their military service sequentially according to their plans.”

It remains to be seen whether the BTS, who has completed his military service, will be able to continue his full-fledged activities. BTS announced a temporary suspension of all activities on YouTube on the 14th.

In particular, RM said, “What kind of story and what kind of message you throw are important and meaning of living, but that’s gone,” adding, “The K-pop idol system itself does not allow people to mature.” 부산출장마사지

Big Hit Music said in its position, “We and the members hope to resume the full BTS activities in 2025, but we ask for your understanding that it is difficult to specify the exact timing at this point.”

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