Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis, aphasia → Retirement status…

Bruce Willis, aphasia → Retirement status…a 24-year-old wife with extreme care

Bruce Willis

Bruce, 67, is happy to retire from acting because of aphasia.

According to foreign media such as the U.S. entertainment media People on the 19th, Emma Hemming, the wife of Hollywood actor Bruce, recently released various recent photos.

The released photo shows Bruce and his happy time with his 24-year-old wife and daughters.

Bruce, who is smiling brightly with his 10- and 8-year-old daughters despite his aphasia, looks very happy.

Emma Hemming also said, “This summer of 2022 was almost perfect. It was a magical summer,” he wrote.

Earlier, Bruce’ family issued a statement in March saying he had aphasia and was retiring from acting.

The statement was signed by the five daughters of his current wife Emma Hemming Willis, Demi Moore, and Bruce.

They said, “Bruce Willis was recently diagnosed with aphasia,” adding, “It is affecting cognitive ability.”

“He’s having a really hard time. Thank you for your love and interest. “I will overcome the difficulties with my family,” he said. 안전놀이터

Meanwhile, Bruce has three daughters, Rumor Willis, Scout Willis and Talula Willis, with his divorced ex-wife Demi Moore (54), and Emma Humming with whom he has two daughters.

Bruce married Emma Humming, 24, in March 2009 through the 2007 film “Perfect Stranger.”

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