Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is about to remarry Introduce your new girlfriend

Brad Pitt is about to remarry Introduce your new girlfriend to your children. Your precious person.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt, 59, has already introduced his girlfriend to his children and is developing a serious relationship, foreign media reported.

Britain’s Daily Mail reported on the 21st (Korea Standard Time) that “Brad Pitt was a big support for his girlfriend Ines de Ramon (29), who recently decided to divorce.”

Actor Paul Wesley, 40, recently filed for divorce from Ines de Ramon, officially in court. The reason for divorce is an insurmountable difference in personality, and the division of property will be decided later.

Foreign media said, “Brad Pitt provided tremendous support during the divorce process of ‘serious girlfriend’ Ines. Nor does ex-wife Angelina Jolie care what she thinks about her new relationship at all-new relationship. “I hope Jolie knows that she can be happy with others,” he explained.

Brad Pitt also received strong support from Ines during his messy divorce from Jolie.

In particular, Brad Pitt introduced most of his six children to Ines, saying, “He is a precious person to my father. He also reportedly said, “We supported each other during difficult times.”

Some say that Brad Pitt is preparing for a new start over the serious romance between the two. Brad Pitt recently sold off his Los Angeles mansion where Angelina Jolie lived, prompting speculation that he would “start a new life with Innes de Ramon in his new home.”

Meanwhile, Ines de Ramon, who is loved by Brad Pitt, is a well-known celebrity and vice president of a famous jewelry brand in the United States.

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