Blitzer, interview with Malaysian media…

Blitzer, interview with Malaysian media, “My dream is to be a global artist.”


The group BLITZERS conducted an interview with Malaysian media.

Malaysia’s K-pop media “My K-Pop Wire” released a surprise video of Blitzer’s interview on its official channel on the 7th.

In the interview video released, Blitzer presented the behind-the-scenes and sincere talks about future activities of his first European tour “BLITZERS 2022 EUROPE TOUR Looking For BLE” held in October last year.

Through his first European tour, Blitzer spent a special time with local fans, touring 12 cities in eight countries, starting with Milan, Italy, to Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany.

In response, Blitzer said, “All seven members went well and healthy. I went to many good places and ate a lot of good food. “We were able to finish our first European tour well because local fans welcomed us and liked it a lot,” he said.

It also continued to talk about the musical direction and goals pursued by “Super Rookie” Bleechers, who has an unrivaled presence in the global music market.

Blitzer gave a serious answer, saying, “It is important to understand changing trends and find them, but I want to do friendly music that reminds me of those days even when I get out of fashion or mold and listen to them over time.”

“First of all, I want to meet more blis from more countries. “My dream is to become a cooler and more mature singer and global artist,” he added, expressing his strong hopes and aspirations as a group representing K-pop.

Finally, Blitzer said, “We will meet you through various contents and albums in 2023. “Please look forward to it a lot,” he added, adding to expectations for future activities by announcing that he would run nonstop in the new year.

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