Blanky Proves Global Potential in Nagoya

Blanky Proves Global Potential in Nagoya


Boy group BLANK2Y has proven its global potential and presence.

Blanky appeared in the performance “KROSS vol.1-kpop masterz-” held at the Banterin Dome Nagoya in Japan on the 2nd, attracting attention by showing colorful and dynamic sharp group performance and stable singing skills with his debut song “Thumbs Up.”

After finishing his first stage, Blanky continued to communicate with fans and was recognized by local Japanese fans for his ability as a fourth-generation rising boy group by performing a song called “Touch,” which shows another charm of Blanky.

“KROSS vol.1-kpop masterz-” is a performance by artists who view the world from Asia, focusing on Korea, and featured Asian stars such as Blanky, Japanese boy group 7ORDER, actor Park Seo-joon, Astro Cha Eun-woo, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and Kim Jae-joong.

In particular, Blanky`s sold out all the performances held in October last year even before his official debut in Japan, and also raised the atmosphere with great performances at the concert, revealing his presence as a next-generation global K-POP idol.

Meanwhile, Blanky`s is stepping up preparations for a comeback in the first half of this year.

Recently, two editors, Jeff Benjamin and Jessica Oak, specialized K-POP pop columnists at Billboard, a famous U.S. music media, directly highlighted Blanky’s debut process and infinite growth potential. They introduced Blanky’s solid skills, charm, strong teamwork, and extraordinary fan love for the fandom Kiwi (K2YWE), which had been gaining recognition through survival programs and project participation before his debut, followed by interviews with the members.

Blanky`s was also selected as a cover model for the special edition of Billboard Korea Magazine. In this special edition, Blanky will participate in individual, unit, and group pictorials and interviews, including cover models, to show off their colorful charm.

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