BLACKPINK concert where fans were disappointed. How was it?

BLACKPINK concert where fans were disappointed. How was it?


With the group BLACKPINK holding its world tour for the first time in four years, some fans are criticizing it with regret as frequent mistakes on stage are being detected.

Recently, a video of BLACKPINK members making mistakes several times at concerts has spread on various social media, and some domestic and foreign fans have responded that they are “disappointed.”

Starting with Seoul on the 16th of last month, BLACKPINK is conducting “BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK]” (BLACKPINK World Tour [Born Pink]), and is currently performing 14 times in seven North American cities, including Dallas, Houston, and Atlanta.

However, as “black pink concert” and “mes” were searched at the top as concert-related search terms, we were able to check the extent of the recent fans’ concerns.

In a video shared by local fans after the concert, BLACKPINK members couldn’t show some moves as if they had forgotten the choreography, or they were doing the same moves, but they seemed to be doing different choreography, and they forgot to lip sync and just continued dancing.

An overseas fan who watched the video said, “BLACKPINK was the best on stage, but what’s wrong with them these days? The audience pays a lot of money to go see it. I’m speechless. “I really support you, but this is not right,” he said, and received a lot of sympathy.

Another overseas fan also said, “I really love and support BLACKPINK, but what I saw at the concert is really disappointing. He said, “It was a mess with insufficient energy,” and left a response, “I really support you, but I can’t say that I liked the concert until this time.”

Domestic fans also expressed regret, saying, “I know I’m busy with my schedule, but I know the choreography is difficult, but I think I need more practice,” and “I hope you do your best until the end.”

BLACKPINK will hold a concert in Hamilton, Canada, for two days on the 6th and 7th (local time) to meet fans.

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