Bertonne Lamela left? You can take your guards off the training

Bertonne Lamela left? You can take your guards off the training ground now.


Eric Lamela was famous for being a tough player not only in real life but also in training. The memories revealed by former colleague Jan Bertongen as Lamela left are also related to the pain of training.

Tottenham’s Lamela is traded to Sevilla’s Spanish rising star Brian Hill and leaves the team after eight years of experience. Tottenham’s official Instagram had many “magic moments” with photos of Lamela performing a “Rabona” stunt where she twisted her left foot behind her right foot. What do you remember about Lamela?’이라는 글로 훈훈한 분위기를 유도했다.

Tottenham defender Bertonne’s comment was, “Now I can take off my shin guard when I’m training!” It’s a painful joke that I get kicked a lot in the shin when I’m training with Lamela.

Lamela was famous for being a tough player. He defended as hard as he could to adapt to the harsh climate of the English Premier League (EPL) and the demands of former manager Mauricio Pochettino, but his tackle skills have fallen. He has played as a main player for Tottenham for two seasons since the summer of 2014, with six and nine warnings, respectively. There used to be testimony from colleagues that he was particularly rough in training, and Bertonne’s testimony continued until he left Tottenham.

Lamela will start a new challenge at Sevilla, the fourth team after Argentina’s River Plate, Italy’s AS Roma and England’s Tottenham. Sevilla players also need to be careful of Lamela’s studs in training.

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