Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons drama, what’s the ending?

Ben Simmons drama, what’s the ending?

Ben Simmons

Rumors surrounding Ben Simmons’ trade are escalating.

According to The Athletic on the 1st (Korea time), Simmons reportedly asked the team’s top team for his trade. Simmons met with top team leaders such as President Darrell Morrie, head of Elton’s brand, and coach Doc Rivers and expressed his intention to boycott the training camp if the transfer is not carried out within this offseason.

Simmons’ worst performance in the playoffs last season and his value has fallen to the bottom. He scored only 11.9 points and 8.8 assists 7.9 rebounds in 12 playoff games, and his team Philadelphia had to be eliminated in the second round.

Simmons’ trade rumors began to rise to the surface at this time, and to make matters worse, the situation has turned into a catastrophe as news spread that relations with team members, including manager Doc Rivers, has worsened recently. Simmons has publicly asked the team to trade and is rapidly emerging as the core of the typhoon. According to the Philadelphia local magazine The Inquirer, Simmons wants to move to a California-based team.

Meanwhile, Philadelphia is already in talks with several clubs about the Simmons trade. The closest connecting teams are Minnesota and Sacramento. However, the problem is to match cards that will satisfy each other, just as all trades do. At present, it does not seem easy to match cards.

First of all, Philadelphia wants to be paid as much as Simmons, the team’s core power. Summing up reports from a number of media outlets such as The Athletic and The Sacramento Rain, Philadelphia has tried to negotiate Simmons trade with several teams including Minnesota, Sacramento and Toronto, but no significant results have been made yet. They have demanded a high price from the teams that have negotiated the trade so far. On the other hand, Minnesota and Sacramento are reportedly determined not to sell the team’s core resources.

Therefore, it is expected that the size of the player and future draft nomination right that Philadelphia requires will determine the success of the trade. For now, Philadelphia is determined to make a strong contribution in return for Simmons.

As time goes by, rumors surrounding Simmons are becoming increasingly popular. What kind of ending will “Simmons Drama” come to? Many NBA fans are paying attention to Simmons’ move.

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