Don Spike

be shameless Don Spike is pretending to be a drug

be shameless Don Spike is pretending to be a drug

Don Spike

While composer and singer Don Spike was arrested on charges of taking drugs, it is being re-examined that he pretended to be a drug on past broadcasts.

Don Spike appeared on the web entertainment show “How’s Yeop” hosted by singer Jung Yeop on May 24.

At that time, Don Spike prepared a barbecue on the rooftop for Jung-yeop. Don Spike trimmed the shape of the salt powder to look good during the meat plating process.

Suddenly, Don Spike indirectly mentioned the drug, saying, “I think it’s a little bad because I’m trimming the shape.” In response, Jung-yeop pretended to inhale salt with his nose, saying, “Get out of the way,” followed by a caption called “Drug Report 1301.”

The footage is being re-examined after Don Spike was arrested for taking drugs. This is because the time when the video was posted is already when he took methamphetamine. In response, netizens are raising their voices of criticism, such as “I’m angry that I pretended to be a joke,” “Now that I see it, I’m shameless,” and “a scary video when I see it again.”

Don Spike was arrested on charges of administering methamphetamine several times at a hotel in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 26th. He is accused of taking drugs with several acquaintances since April.

He attended a warrant substantive examination (interrogation of the suspect before arrest) and admitted to the drug charges. When asked by reporters, “Since when did you take drugs?” he replied, “Recently.” However, according to a YTN report on the 29th, Don Spike is even more shocked as he is found to have three drug convictions in addition to the drug administration charges.

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