Autosuppression Therapy Self-injection therapy is one

Autosuppression Therapy


Self-injection therapy is one of the ways to treat erectile dysfunctionLet me explain how to treat this Now, when we do the erectile dysfunction treatment, we often try the medicine we take first, and then if it’s not cool, we’re going to investigate it, but that self-injection therapy in English is one of the methods that we tried a lot before Viagra came out 비아그라 판매

But every time you have sex, you inject Eunkyung with an erectile dysfunction and make her have an erectile dysfunction, but the advantage is that there are no systemic side effects The downside is that it’s troublesome to inject, and the second is that it’s hard for people who are scared to inject And there’s also some pain But the big problem is that if you keep getting shots, the penis is the white membrane that surrounds the spongy body When you do self-injection therapy, you get the injection here

If you keep doing it, you get muscle fiber It was originally elastic, so it stretched and then decreased You have to do it, but if a part becomes hard, it doesn’t stretch, so you have a penile curvature that curves around that part There’s also this thing that’s very scary, and there’s this thing that’s working on the penile persistent erectile dysfunction If you have a lot of persistent erectile dysfunction,

After the time, the erectile dysfunction has to decrease, but it doesn’t turn off and lasts for 4 hours This is an emergency If you do that, you might actually have persistent erectile dysfunction You have to be careful

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