“Are you sure you’re the same player?” After leaving Tottenham

“Are you sure you’re the same player?” After leaving Tottenham, you did a great job. The absurd fans.


Eric Lamela (29), who left Tottenham last summer, is showing a complete change in his new team Seville (Spain). He has already scored three goals in Spain’s Primera Liga and even showed off his spectacular dribbling skills on the UEFA Champions League stage, which Tottenham fans are frustrated by his appearance that has not been seen in the past eight seasons.

Britain’s HITC said Lamela’s dribble video in the match against Salzburg (Austria) in the first Group G match of the Champions League on the 15th (Korea Standard Time) is becoming a hot topic among Tottenham fans. The video showed Lamela teasing two defenders with her personal skills and dribbles.

The media said, “It’s more interesting because it looks like a completely different player from Lamela, who has been wearing Tottenham uniforms for the past few seasons,” adding, “One fan even responded, ‘I’ve never seen Lamela play like this in Tottenham’.” In fact, a Tottenham fan pointed out on Twitter, “I’ve never seen him play like that in Tottenham uniforms in the past seven years.”

Tottenham fans are frustrated not only by this scene but also by Lamela’s extraordinary presence right after the transfer to Seville. In fact, Lamela scored multiple goals in the opening match of La Liga against Rayo Bayekano, who made his debut after moving to Sevilla, and even scored a dramatic winning goal in the second round against Getafe in extra time. After the transfer, he has already scored three goals as a substitute in all three league games.

For Tottenham, he scored one goal in the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2019-2020 season and two goals in the 2020-2021 season in just three games after moving to Seville. It is also more noticeable in that only five goals (2015-2016 season) have scored the most goals in the league since moving to Tottenham. This is why there is an expression that “I have become a completely different player.”

It will be even more bitter as Brian Hill (20), who Tottenham recruited with 21.6 million pounds (about 35 billion won) on Lamela, has yet to show a clear presence. After the transfer, Hill played in only one EPL game for two minutes, and instead started in only two UEFA Conference League playoffs. HITC also explained, “In the deal between the two teams that added cash to Lamela and exchanged for Hill, it is true that Seville is benefiting more at the moment.”

However, the media stressed, “Tottenham was absolutely right to transfer Lamela despite Lamela’s performance.” HITC explained that Lamela’s performance was insignificant, scoring only one goal in 23 games last season and only two goals in 25 games in the previous season.토토사이트

Lamela has also been one of Tottenham’s most paid weekly players (even with her poor performance). Although it added 운드를21.6 million, it will be a fantastic business to get a 20-year-old “Wonder Kid” instead of sending Lamela out, he added. Seville is smiling right now, but Tottenham is expected to benefit more from a long-term perspective.

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