Apple Korea suggests the possibility of lowering app prices

Apple Korea suggests the possibility of lowering app prices in the event of a drop in the exchange rate


Against the backdrop of the strong U.S. dollar, Apple, which recently raised app prices and in-app payment fees, hinted at the possibility of adjusting the increase if the won-dollar exchange rate falls.

Ahn Chul-hyun, vice president of Apple Korea’s foreign cooperation, appeared as a witness at a parliamentary audit of the National Policy Committee at the National Assembly on the 7th and hinted at the possibility, citing an example of a foreign cut when asked by independent lawmaker Yang Jung-sook.

Vice President Ahn said, “We are frequently adjusting (price) to provide developer protection even a little in the event of rapid exchange rate fluctuations.”

Apple Korea also introduced a case of re-cutting prices in the UK and the euro-using countries in August 2020, saying, “There are cases where app store app prices and in-app payment fees have been updated or adjusted in profits in areas where the exchange rate has changed.”

Meanwhile, when asked about the leak of terms and conditions that included Apple Pay and Hyundai Card starting their service on the 30th of next month, Vice President Ahn briefly replied, “We cannot reveal it here.”

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