Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin charged with manslaughter in shooting…

Alec Baldwin charged with manslaughter in shooting…a year-and-a-half prison term crisis

Actor Alec Baldwin, who killed the director in a gun accident while filming the film, is charged with manslaughter.

Alec Baldwin

According to foreign media on the 20th, U.S. prosecutors will indict Eric Baldwin and weapons prop manager Hannah Coutierrez Reed on charges of manslaughter.

Prosecutor Mary Carmack-Altwice said: “We have enough evidence. No one can be above the law and everyone has a right to justice,” he said.

Under New Mexico law, Alec Baldwin could face up to a year and a half in prison and a $5,000 fine if convicted of manslaughter.

The bereaved family of the director who died in the accident welcomed the prosecution’s indictment. “We support the prosecution and fully cooperate with the prosecution,” the bereaved family said through a lawyer. “We strongly hope that the judicial system can hold those who break the law accountable.”

Alec Baldwin caused a gun accident in October 2021 by firing a small gun without realizing that it contained live ammunition during a rehearsal for filming the movie “Rust.” Filming director Hurleyna Hutchins was killed, and Joel Souza was discharged from the hospital after being treated for serious injuries.

Alec Baldwin began his film career in 1979, when he attended the New York University Drama School. His first film out of the minor role was NBC’s soap opera “Doctors”, and in 1986, he appeared in the play “Legacy” and won the Theatre World Award. He then appeared in David Mamet’s Wakali Churchill’s “A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams, and was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actor. She won the Obie Award for “Prelude to the Kiss” with Meg Ryan in 1991, followed by “Walking Girl”, “Miami Blues”, “Red October”, “Alice”, “Glengary Glenros”, “Melis”, and “Shadow”, and “Roger Donaldson’s 1994 remake of the 1972 original film “The Kiss”. It is also frequently seen in Martin Scorsese’s films. He also appeared in Tim Burton’s successful film, The Beatles, where Alec Baldwin played the role of a freshman ghost couple with Gina Davis.

It would be more impressive to this generation as a funny man in the sitcom 30 Rock than any other movie. He also appeared in Classic Mid Friends. He made people laugh with his role as Enthusiastic Parker.

But with this accident… It’s a sign of sadness.

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