Ahn Gil-gang

Ahn Gil-gang, one of the three major course dessert..

Ahn Gil-gang, one of the three major course dessert restaurants, also said, “I don’t know what it tastes like.” (I want to see a dessert)

Ahn Gil-gang

Actor Ahn Gil-gang gave an honest taste evaluation at the three-course dessert restaurant.

On January 5, U+ mobile TV’s “Deaser Watch,” which will be released, Ahn Gil-gang, Jung Hae-kyun, Shin Seung-hwan and Ji Seung-hyun, who visited the colorful night streets of Gangnam, will be revealed.

The four dressed up in colorful suits showed their excitement as they walked down the night street drunk on the flashing neon signs. When Ji Seung-hyun wondered, “Are you having dessert in Gangnam at night?” Shin Seung-hwan said, “No. I think we’re having a company dinner today,” hinting at different expectations. Jeong Haekyun also said, “You’re having a company dinner today, right? “This feeling is the same,” he said, showing a full of excitement.

However, the production team recklessly put the defenseless four musketeers in a black vehicle, and the brothers were anxious that this was an obvious abduction. Soon after, Ji Seung-hyun seemed to be resigned to the car gradually moving away from the downtown area and wondered, “Where are we being kidnapped now?” In response, Ahn Gil-gang made his younger brothers nod with a reasonable doubt, “We’re not kidnapped, are we going to kidnap someone?” As the dessert of the day gradually fell into mystery, their car stopped in front of a quiet residential area, and the older brothers expressed doubts about the place they arrived.

The place where the brothers arrived was one of the three major course dessert restaurants in Korea, which is operated on a 100% reservation basis. A smile of relief bloomed on the older brothers’ faces at the luxurious table and the production team’s words that “desserts come out like a course.” However, when Ahn Gil-gang’s face, who tasted the refreshing sweet appetizer from the start of the course, distorted, Jung Hae-kyun said, “I can’t eat sweets, I can’t eat sour things…”What on earth should I eat?” he made me laugh. In the course that followed, Ahn Gil-gang stimulated the chef’s desire to win with a confusing taste expression, saying, “I don’t know what it tastes like.” (Photo = U+ (U+) Mobile TV provided)

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