After the grand slam Ohtani waits calmly for his natural

After the grand slam Ohtani waits calmly for his natural enemy


Otani Shohei (28) of “Idolryu” was criticized by his natural enemy, Jonah Heim (27).

Otani played as a starting pitcher and designated hitter in the 2022 Major League Baseball (MLB) game against the Texas Rangers at Glob Life Field in Arlington, USA on the 19th (Korea Standard Time.

He was silent in five at-bats (2 strikeouts), but as a pitcher, he pitched six innings with six hits, two walks, one out, seven strikeouts, and two runs (average ERA of 2.82).

He handled Texas batters with a variety of breaking balls, including four-seam fastballs close to 101 miles and sliders, cutters, and curves. He had only one three-way exit, but he succeeded in starting quality as a starter. He failed to achieve his fourth win of the season. The team lost 5-6 after extra time.

Ohtani, who was selected as the unanimous MVP last season, also failed to do his best in front of his natural enemies. Otani, who caused a crisis with a walk and a walk in the bottom of the fourth inning, threw a fastball of more than 100 miles per hour to left-handed hitter Heim (catcher), but was hit by a timely hit to the left.

2-1 After one out in the bottom of the sixth inning, he gave up a double to Calhoun and allowed a timely double to tie Haim again. Otani, who was beaten by Haim again, did not meet the requirements of a winning pitcher and finished the game

Last season, a batter who fell short of a batting average of 20% became Otani’s natural enemy.

Against Ohtani, who showed off his excellent pitching with three wins and a 1.13 ERA in the last four games, Haim scored three hits and two RBIs on the same day alone. Heim has five hits (seven RBIs) against Otani this season, including a grand slam. Haime was pushed to a disadvantageous ball count (2S) in last month’s showdown, but he hit a grand slam by attacking Ohtani’s mistake (splitter) that came into the middle 안전놀이터

Heim, who pushed and pulled Otani’s ball and got a hit, said in an interview with and others after the game, “When I’m at bat against Otani, I try to wait as calmly as possible. I know Otani is a great pitcher. But if I wait while watching, the ball comes to the zone where I can swing,” he said.

“I’m the batter who hit a grand slam against Otani,” said LA Angels manager Madden. I think the batter is doing it with confidence (when dealing with Otani).” Otani also said of Haim, “I don’t think I was bad at throwing. He’s a really good hitter.”

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