Park Jae-beom

After ‘Sketchbook’, Park Jae-beom ‘Drive’…First broadcast on..

After ‘Sketchbook’, Park Jae-beom ‘Drive’…First broadcast on February 5th. [Official]

The main poster for KBS’ new music talk show “The Seasons – Park Jae-beom’s Drive” has been unveiled.

Park Jae-beom

On the 25th, KBS released the main poster image of KBS2’s new music talk show “The Seasons – Park Jae-beom’s Drive,” which is scheduled to premiere on February 5.

The released poster has a large title and official logo of the program along with Park Jae-beom, who exudes his unique relaxed charm with a slightly smiling face. The poster was joined by Studio Formula’s designer Chae Hee-joon, Shin Gun-mo and photographer Hwang Ye-ji to further enhance the completeness.

In particular, the refreshing blue background reminiscent of a drive to match the title of the program drew attention by providing pleasant energy. Through “The Seasons – Park Jae-beom’s Drive,” Park Jae-beom announces a special music drive every week, adding to his curiosity about the first broadcast.

“The Seasons” is the first KBS late-night music program to introduce a different method called “annual project,” and is a music talk show that four MCs will take charge of the season with their names for a total of four seasons during 2023.

Park Jae-beom, an all-round artist who has been in his 15th year since his debut, will be the MC for the first season, introducing a variety of music that is not limited to genres, and sharing sincere talks with musicians with an unbiased perspective. On top of that, Lee Tae-wook, Park Jong-woo, Jang Won-young, and Shin Ye-chan, led by band master Jeong Dong-hwan, form the house band “Jungmae and Kungchitachi” to give viewers a vivid sound.

KBS’ new music talk show “The Seasons – Park Jae-beom’s Drive” will premiere on KBS2 at 10:55 p.m. on February 5.

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