Actress Lee Soojung, who is expected to grow endlessly

Actress Lee Soojung, who is expected to grow endlessly


There is a new star that is expected to grow indefinitely.

Lee Soo-jung, who led the work as Ji Seo-yoon, full of false sense of justice and revenge in the movie “Dream Maker,” which was released on March 24.

Lee Soo-jung also showed her presence with her hard work, including the recent appearance of “Boy Flight” in the KT season and the popular SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “In-house Match.” I met him at a cafe in Yongsan.

I’ve never been satisfied with all the works. I’m always sad. “I’ll do it like this when I go back into the work.” I’m proud of myself, but I think I’ve grown a lot,” he said after finishing two dramas, expressing his feelings about the release of his first starring film.

The first main film, “Dream Maker,” is a work that tells the dark side of the school that takes place when a sleep band called Dream Band is hacked and students’ hidden desires are exposed. Ji Seo-yoon, played by Lee Soo-jung, considers herself a righteous watcher and reveals the secrets of her guilty friends without guilt.

Our debut web drama, “Let’s Get Down” He appeared in consecutive uniforms from Earth to “Boy Flight” and “Dream Maker.” “It was nice to play Kim Se-jung (Shin Hari)’s friend in ‘In-house Confrontation’ after wearing a school uniform all the time,” he said with a smile.

Born in 1998, 25 years old this year, Lee Soojung will get off in 2020 It debuted through ‘On Earth’. When I was in the third grade of middle school, I dreamed of becoming an actor after watching the movie “Chilgwanggu” starring Ha Ji-won. “Riding a motorcycle, the fancy action was cool. I fell in love with that, he said. “The job of an actor seemed really attractive in understanding characters. At that time, I learned acting for the first time, and I fell in love with it more as I learned it,” he said.

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