actors Seo Ji-hye

actors Seo Ji-hye and Lee Sangwoo, a fierce kiss…”Amazing”

actors Seo Ji-hye and Lee Sangwoo, a fierce kiss…”Amazing” (‘Red Balloon’) found at the scene of an affair

actors Seo Ji-hye and actress Lee Sang-woo’s violent kiss moment was discovered.

actors Seo Ji-hye

TV CHOSUN weekend mini-series “Red Balloon” (script Moon Young-nam/directed by Jin Hyung-wook/produced by Green Snake Media, Highground) tells the thrilling and warm stories of us all struggling to soothe the relative deprivation, the thirst for stomachache, and the thirst. In the 12th episode, Nielsen Korea’s national viewer rating soared 7.9% and the highest viewer rating per minute soared to 8.9%, and in the fourth week of January, TV drama TV popularity analysis agency Good Data Corporation announced, it jumped to the TOP 4.

In the last broadcast, Cho Eun-gang (Seo Ji-hye) entered an empty house, hugged Ko Dae-won (Lee Sang-woo)’s clothes, inhaled the scent of skin, and recalled the hot night. Attention was drawn to Cho Eun-gang’s move in the future as his earnest heart toward high-level people, who are anxious because he wants it so much but cannot have it, was revealed.

In the 13th episode, which will be broadcast on the 4th (today), the scene of “shock detection” where Seo Ji-hye and Lee Sang-woo’s breathtaking “fire kiss” is detected by someone, catches the eye. In the play, Cho Eun-gang and high-dimensional sit apart and talk at a distance. Ko Dae-jung tells Cho Eun-gang what she has not been able to do without looking at his face, but before they know it, the two face each other. Soon, they kiss fiercely, showing their sincerity as if they were full of longing.

However, just then someone appears and the two are shocked. Questions are mounting over who appeared in front of Cho Eun-gang, who has hardened like ice in the shock, and what kind of nuclear storm the discovery of their affair will bring.

In particular, actors Seo Ji-hye and Lee Sang-woo proved their special passion by sitting side by side and reading the script together to match the emotional line ahead of the shooting of the “Flame Kisses Great Twist Moment.” As it was an important scene where Cho Eun-gang and high-level officials confirmed their feelings for each other, it had a stronger impact on building a thorough emotional line from rehearsals. Moreover, even though it was somewhat difficult to concentrate on the open outdoor emotional acting, not on the set, the two constantly exchanged lines to increase their immersion, and created a high-quality scene by keeping their eyes on and detailed gestures intact.

The production team said, “As the scene of the secret love between Cho Eun-gang and Ko Dimensional became convinced of their affection for each other is discovered by someone, the irreversible spiral of catastrophe will be swept away.” “Please check the moment of capture in episode 13 which will be broadcast on the 4th (today).”

Meanwhile, the 13th episode of TV CHOSUN weekend mini-series ‘Red Balloon’ will air at 9:10 p.m. on the 4th (today).

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