Actor So Yi-hyun

Actor So Yi-hyun, real ten eating somaek gargle…In Kyojin..

Actor So Yi-hyun, real ten eating somaek gargle…In Kyojin. “I’ve only controlled my kids’ meds”. Surprised.

Actress So Yi-hyun showed off her drinking style.

On the 24th, actors So Yi-hyun and In Kyo-jin posted a video on their YouTube channel titled “Nurungji Baeksuk, Makgeolli and a Glass of Soju.”

Actor So Yi-hyun

The two, who introduced their favorite restaurants on this day, started an eating show with boiled chicken and dumplings with makgeolli. So Yi-hyun showed off her master’s aspect by shaking and mixing makgeolli when it came out and pressing it so that it doesn’t explode.

The two then talked about their New Year’s plans. In Kyo-jin vowed to “study English,” while So Yi-hyun said, “I will exercise. He drew attention by declaring, “I will go back to my body, which was my former supermodel.”

However, on this day, he showed off his appearance as a representative of the Yeongee community. So Yi-hyun and In Kyo-jin, who drank pine nut makgeolli, performed an eating show in earnest when the nurungji baeksuk came out. However, So Yi-hyun, who felt a little disappointed when the makgeolli ran out, surprised the people around him by asking for a bottle of soju and beer, saying, “It wasn’t a pre-ceremony drink.”

So Yi-hyun smiled and said, “Then I’ll just eat half a bottle of soju and half a bottle of beer. “If I make a line, I will stop eating there,” he agreed with the production team. So Yi-hyun did not stop at this, but made the production team laugh, saying, “I have to go down further.”

So Yi-hyun, who was handed beer and soju, then showed “jjin-ten,” emphasizing that “makgeolli is a meal before meals,” and shook soju. In addition, So Yi-hyun won two more glasses of soju through a bet with the production team to make somaek. In Kyo-jin said, “I didn’t expect to eat somaek while eating boiled chicken,” and smiled absurdly, saying, “I tried it when I controlled my children’s medicine or gave them 5ml of syrup.”

Actors So Yi-hyun and In Kyo-jin then enjoyed eating baeksuk while holding somaek in their mouths. In Kyo-jin and So Yi-hyun said, “If you drink soju after eating cucumber peppers, you are first place. Makgeolli with two glasses of makguksu is just right. Like a pre-ceremony drink,” he stressed.

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