Park Hee-soon

Actor Park Hee-soon and son Jung Taek-hyun met on the..

Actor Park Hee-soon and son Jung Taek-hyun met on the day of death…Suspicious track record ‘Twist’ (Trolly)

The suspicious track record of “Trolley” Park Hee-soon was captured.

Park Hee-soon

In the 12th episode of the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Trolley,” which aired on the 31st, Kim Hye-joo (Kim Hyun-joo) and Nam Joong-do (Park Hee-soon) were embroiled in confusion and conflict after learning that their son Nam Ji-hoon (played by Jung Taek-hyun) sexually assaulted in his lifetime.

Nam Joong-do claimed that Kim Soo-bin (Jeong Soo-bin) came and threatened him, and Kim Hye-joo doubted his sincerity. But there was a twist here, too. Following the deal that Nam Joong-do and Kim Soo-bin had before the press conference, the secret hidden on the day of Nam Ji-hoon’s death was revealed.

On that day, Kim Hye-joo received a call from Nam Joong-do and headed to the lawmaker’s office. It was even more incredible that the victim was Kim Soo-bin, the news of the sex crime of his dead son, who repeatedly suffered the same tragedy again. However, Nam Joong-do held a press conference to make an early apology, and set Cho Gwi-soon (Won Mi-won) on the podium to announce the proposal for the Namgung Sol Act for victims of sex crimes.

Kim Hye-joo poured out resentment and tears toward Nam Joong-do, but he said Kim Soo-bin threatened to expose sexual assault and pregnancy, adding, “Preemptive response is the only and best way.” However, Kim Hye-joo raised a high level of doubt, saying, “Did Nam Ji-hoon also use it.

The family split also affected Nam Yoon-seo (Choi Myung-bin), a middle school student’s daughter. The news of the lawmaker’s father and his brother, who had been involved in the accident, faced each other all the time, but Nam Yoon-seo, who was labeled a “sex offender” family, caused a conflict with his best friend Kwon Da-som (Kang Ji-woo).

As a result, Kim Hye-joo was summoned by the school and reunited with Kim Soo-bin in front of his hospital on the way back with Kwon Da-som’s mother Hwang Ji-soo (Gu Si-yeon). Kim Hye-joo grabbed Kim Soo-bin, who ran away pretending not to know, and asked, “Did Ji-hoon really do that?” However, Kim Soo-bin’s return was unexpected. He said he was not sexually assaulted by Nam Ji-hoon and never “threatened.”

South Chungcheong Province’s argument was also consistent. When Kim Hye-joo met Kim Soo-bin and told him what she heard, she was angry that she had a hospital counseling record to prove the truth and that she would not have manipulated her son into a “bad guy” in the world to change a law. And “I’ve never doubted you… “You don’t trust me,” he said, expressing a bitter heart. Meanwhile, Nam Ji-hoon’s uncle, who saw a press conference in Namjungdo, visited the front of the house. After losing Nam Ji-hoon’s birth mother and sister, “Su-hyun,” he lost his nephew, and burst into anger by holding Nam Joong-do.

Kim Hye-joo was heartbroken when she saw this. I forgot for a moment, but I knew better than anyone what kind of husband and father Nam Joong-do was to him and Nam Ji-hoon. Once the storm passed, Kim Hye-joo apologized for doubting Nam Joong-do, and the two shed tears of complex feelings.

But the truth behind the tears caused goosebumps. When Kim Hye-joo heard the shocking story through Kim Soo-bin that Nam Joong-do was the last person she met on the night of Nam Ji-hoon’s death, Nam Joong-do recounted the track record of “That Day,” and Jang Woo-jae (Kim Moo-yeol) relieved that everything was going his way and said, “My wife and Ji-hoon will feel guilty until he dies. But I couldn’t help it for the world, for more people,” he repeated.

Now, Kim Hye-joo is no longer trustworthy. This is because it has been confirmed that Nam Joong-do drew a “big picture” for political purposes and conspired beyond lies and secrets. Kim Hye-joo, who came to face the bare face of a person who trusted and loved more than anyone else like the confession, “I, you are so unfamiliar now,” and Nam Joong-joong, who tried to turn his wife’s trauma and son’s disgrace into his own opportunity, under the arrogant illusion of “My wife does not doubt me, never.” From the change in the relationship between the two, which is heading toward a catastrophe with only four episodes left, to the mystery of Nam Ji-hoon’s death, which has been turned upside down once again, the curiosity is maximized.

Meanwhile, ‘Trolly’ airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m.

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