Heo Ji-na

Actor Heo Ji-na, a small screen, and at the same time…Joining..

Actor Heo Ji-na, a small screen, and at the same time…Joining “Delivery Man” and “Soulmate”.

 Heo Ji-na

Actor Heo Ji-na will join the drama “Delivery Man” and the movie “Soulmate.”

Heo Ji-na was cast as Hee-yeon in Genie TV’s original “Delivery Man” (directed by Kang Sol Park Dae-hee, scripted by Joo Hyo-jin Park Hye-young and Han Bo-kyung), which will air on March 1.

“Delivery Man” is an underworld high tension investigation drama played by Seo Young-min (Yoon Chan-young), a livelihood taxi driver, and Kang Ji-hyun (Bang Min-ah), an amnesia soul. The crazy duo’s god-like investigation, which is nowhere else in the world, will provide dynamic fun.

In the play, Heo Ji-na plays Kim Hee-yeon, a head nurse in the hospital’s emergency room. Hee-yeon is a veteran nurse known in the hospital for her skillful and quick work skills.

In addition, the movie Soulmate (Director: Min Yong-geun, provided by Studio & New, distributed by NEW, produced by Climax Studio, Andmark Studio, co-produced by Studio & New, Keyist) will appear as the mother of Miso (played by Kim Da-mi) and continue her performance on the screen.

Heo Ji-na, who has been proven for her acting skills by winning rookie and female acting awards at various award ceremonies through the theater stage, has been active in films such as “Lee Percent,” “Children Are Fun,” and “I’m Bori,” as well as dramas “Model Family,” “Cleaning Up,” “Green Mothers Club,” “D.P.” and “You Are My Spring,” “P.”

In particular, in “Twenty-five Twenty-one,” he left a deep impression on viewers by playing the warm and caring mother of Yurim (played by Kim Ji-yeon), who does not spare her sincere love for her daughter even in a difficult environment. Recently, he has continued his active activities by appearing as a mysterious housekeeper through “Unlock the Boss.”

Meanwhile, “Delivery Man,” a high-tension investigative drama starring Heo Ji-na, Yoon Chan-young, Bang Min-ah, and Kim Min-seok, will premiere on Genie TV, ENA, and Tving on March 1. The movie “Soulmate” starring Kim Da-mi, Jeon Son-i, and Byun Woo-suk will be released on March 15.

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