A house with a yard The cool thrill of a heavy thriller

A house with a yard The cool thrill of a heavy thriller


Genie TV’s “House with a Garden” (directed by Jung Ji-hyun, screenplay by Gianni) focuses on the essence of thriller. Instead of controlling speed, it captivates viewers with a sense of immersion that cannot be taken off their eyes. It is the opposite of the current trend of combining various genres. “House with a yard” deliberately focuses on one genre and faithfully provides the cool pleasure that only thrillers can give.

“House with a Garden,” which first aired on the 19th, is a suspense home thriller in which two women who lived completely different lives meet due to the suspicious smell of the backyard. Kim Tae-hee stars as Moon Joo-ran, a beautiful wife who dreams of a peaceful family, and Lim Ji-yeon stars as Cho Sang-eun, a pregnant woman suffering from poverty and violence.

Based on the novel of the same name, “House with a yard” does not look away and focuses on the essence of the thriller genre with a straightforward method. Recently, even if it is a thriller genre, multi-genre dramas that combine various genres such as romance and comedy are popular, and “House with a Madang” makes you experience the pleasure of a classic thriller after a long time. The tension is maintained from the beginning to the end of the play. There are various reasons, such as the existence of the original novel and the relatively short running time compared to other works, but as a result, focusing on one genre like this, it gives you a sense of immersion that you can’t take your eyes off

For this, the actors’ acting is important. This is because excessive entry can cause fatigue, and on the contrary, loosening it does not make you crave. Kim Tae-hee and Lim Ji-yeon, who lead the play, are doing well. Kim Tae-hee, who showed impressive performance in her previous work “Hi Bye, Mama,” is showing more matured performance in “House with a Madang,” which has returned after three years. The state of Juran, who is in a state of mental confusion, is revealed with an expression, not a line. Lim Ji-yeon suffers from poverty and domestic violence, but she completely erased Park Yeon-jin of her previous work “The Glory” through the appearance of Sang-eun quietly scheming to overcome the situation. Although it is clear that she is socially disadvantaged, Sang-eun, who is not just nice and naive, was completed through Lim Ji-yeon’s experienced acting.

The characters surrounding the two are also impressive. Kim Sung-oh, who plays the role of Juran’s husband Jae-ho, and his son Seung-jae expressed their generous affection for Juran, but they expressed a duty that was unknown. Choi Jae-rim, who plays Sang-eun’s husband Yoon-beom, expresses a very clear villain

However, it is regrettable that the initial development is somewhat slow. Until now, the flow of the big stem has slowed as the characters have focused on showing their movements. It can be said that it is only two episodes yet, but “House with a Yard” is only eight episodes, unlike dramas that are usually produced in 16 episodes. In other words, a quarter of all dramas have already passed.

Another weakness is that viewers don’t have a character to attach their minds to. Each character has a suspicious point, including Jae-ho and Seung-jae, as well as Ju-ran, who continues to dream strange dreams, and Sang-eun, who threatens Jae-ho after her husband dies. As a result, it is not easy to empathize. It is not a problem if it is a short film, but if this situation continues in a drama that continues with a long breath, there is a concern that viewers will leave.

“House with a yard” started with a 1.1% rating and recorded a 1.2% rating in the second episode. Compared to the expectations shown by Kim Tae-hee and Lim Ji-yeon, it is a bit of a disappointing start. However, on the OTT chart, the ranking soared. In particular, due to the nature of genres with strong maniacal tastes, there is plenty of room for a reversal if word of mouth goes viral. Attention is focusing on whether the “house with a yard,” which focuses on genre pleasure, will capture the hearts of viewers

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