90% of LIM SUNGHOON and his wife are lying

90% of LIM SUNGHOON and his wife are lying. No unpaid child support


Lim Sung-hoon complained of unfairness when he was pointed out as a comedian who did not pay child support expenses for the “Poor Couple.”

In a telephone conversation with a BJ on Thursday, Lim Sung-hoon said, “I don’t acknowledge this situation. “90% of them are lies,” he said. “I have all the data. It’s also a lie that he didn’t pay any child support.” I called Channel A. I wrote down all the answers while watching the broadcast. I wasn’t even on “The Laughing Man”. I was inactive after taking the test. I’m not even close to Park Sung-kwang,” he explained.

“(My ex-wife) also appeared in “Morning Garden.” It has not responded. He will soon express his position, he said. “It’s also a lie that he took care of me. In the beginning, child support was also paid 1.5 million won each. It is true that child support expenses have been delayed, but there is still some information that has been made. The truth is that we are behind in child support,” he stressed. “I’m going to sue Channel A,” he said. “I don’t know why they’re making it like that.”

Channel A’s “A Child Couple Who Want to Heat Up Again,” which aired on the 28th, introduced the story of A, who accused her ex-husband, a comedian who has not paid child support for four years after divorcing for having an affair with domestic violence. Viewers pointed to comedian Lim Sung-hoon as their ex-husband. As the controversy spread, Lim Sung-hoon closed his SNS, raising suspicions.

In particular, when comedians Park Sung-kwang and Lim Sung-hoon were found together, some netizens demanded an explanation. Park Sung-kwang explained on Instagram on the 29th, “It was all about holding two live commerce meetings and one pre-meeting for broadcasting a year ago at the request of his senior.” The couple requested, “Please refrain from excessive speculation to prevent innocent victims.”

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