Hishali Song

“90 Billion” Hishali Song Warning… “You can lose your…

“90 Billion” Hishali Song Warning… “You can lose your seat in a short run.”

Gabriel Agbonraher, who played for Aston Villa in the past, warned Hishalisson (25, Tottenham).

Hishali Song

Hishalisson wore a Tottenham uniform in the transfer window last summer. Tottenham helped Harry Kane, Son Heung-min and Dejan Klusevsky find a card to add destructive power to the attack and chose Hishalisson, who played for Everton. The transfer fee is club 60 million, the second-highest transfer fee in the club’s history.

This is a transfer fee that shows that expectations for Hishali Song are high. It was a necessary recruitment for Tottenham because they could also play front-line strikers and side wing forwards.

But so far, it is showing its worst performance. Hishalisson has yet to score a goal in 13 league games. In the UEFA Champions League, he scored two goals in four matches, but he scored multiple goals against Marseille. In other words, only one out of 17 matches scored.

Injury is the cause of the slump. Hishalisson suffered a knee injury before the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup. Since then, he has been injured in his calves and hamstrings, increasing his absence from the game. Recently, he has returned from injury, but has yet to regain his previous performance.

Tottenham eventually brought Arnaut Danzuma on loan in the winter transfer market. Danzuma is an attacker who shakes the opponent’s defense with a breakthrough from the side and creates a chance to score. It is judged that it is difficult to compete for fourth place under the current condition of the attackers. 코인파워볼

On the 1st, Agbonraher of England’s “Football Insider” urged Hishalisson to work harder. Agbonraher said, “Hishali song needs competition. If Kane, Son Heung-min, and Klusevsky start, Hishalisson will think of himself as the No. 1 substitute. “The role may have become too comfortable,” he said.

“I had a hard time because of my injury, but it’s not working as it is. Hishalisson should compete by boosting his performance. In this respect, the recruitment of Danzuma is a very good recruitment,” he added, warning strongly.

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