52 kg Declaration Hwang Jeong-eum Losing weight Slim

52 kg Declaration Hwang Jeong-eum Losing weight Slim Body that stands out even in a wide spread dress


Actor Hwang Jung-eum reported how he has lost weight.

Hwang Jung-eum posted a photo with various emoticons on her personal Instagram on the 12th.

In the released photo, Hwang Jung-eum shows off her elegant fashion sense with a long ankle-length dress and a cardigan.

Hwang Jung-eum boasts an amazing small head that almost covers her face with a mask, and draws attention with her visuals of losing a lot of weight as if she is focusing on a postpartum diet.

Meanwhile, Hwang Jung-eum married professional golfer and businessman Lee Young-don in 2016 and suffered a divorce crisis, but they succeeded in reuniting and recently gave birth to their second child and have two sons. Hwang recently announced his postpartum diet, saying he would lose up to 52 kilograms

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