5 types of tea you shouldn’t drink instead of water

5 types of tea you shouldn’t drink instead of water


If you drink a recommended amount of water a day, it releases wastes accumulated in your body and activates your metabolism, making your body healthy. So many people fill up the recommended daily amount of water instead of tea.

At this time, there are tea that can be drank instead of water, but on the contrary, there are tea that should not be drank instead of water. So I’ll tell you 5 types of tea that you shouldn’t drink instead of water today.

Green tea
1. Green tea

Green tea, called green food, is one of the types of tea that many people enjoy comfortably and commonly. So I think it’s a tea that you can drink instead of water.

In fact, green tea contains a large amount of caffeine, so it is not only diuretic, but it is also a type of tea that must be checked by your doctor if you are taking medicine.

In addition, excessive consumption can cause side effects such as headaches, tinnitus, and impaired vision because a large amount of caffeine enters the body. That’s why you should try not to drink green tea more than a day or often.

Oriental raisin tea
2. Oriental raisin tea

Some people look for oriental raisin tea when they have a hangover. This tea is soft and bitter, so you drink it as a daily drink.

Oriental raisin tea is good for recovering hangovers and damaged liver due to its breakdown of alcohol, but long-term use can cause diarrhea and cold hands and feet, so it is not good to drink it instead of water.

Black tea
3. Black tea

Black tea is dried by fermenting children’s leaves from tea trees. It has an anti-aging effect and lowers cholesterol, but it contains a large amount of caffeine, which is not suitable for drinking tea instead of water.

Corn Beard Tea
4. Corn Beard Tea

Corn silk tea was once popular due to the V-line craze. So many people drank corn silk tea instead of water. If you take an appropriate amount, you should remove edema, which is good for high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases, but on the contrary, excessive doses can lead to dehydration.

Round Gullet Tea
5. Round Gullet Tea

Due to its savory taste, people’s favorite Donggure tea contains a large amount of caffeine. Therefore, people with heart palpitations or insomnia should refrain from taking caffeine, and those with weak gastrointestinal function should also refrain from taking it because it can cause side effects.

Some people find it difficult to drink water due to its unique taste. In that case, you should drink tea that you can’t drink instead of water, such as barley tea and brown rice tea.

In addition, the recommended daily water intake for adults is between 2L and 2.5L, so rather than drinking it all at once, try to increase the volume of sound by drinking it little by little!

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