Yoda Yuki

“22 years old” Yoda Yuki, a married man, and rumors of an affair…

“22 years old” Yoda Yuki, a married man, and rumors of an affair…”It was just a year-end party”. Explain

 Yoda Yuki

Yoda Yuuki, a member of the Japanese group Nogizaka 46, has announced his position amid rumors of an affair.

On the 27th, Japan’s Weekly Munchun reported that he had an affair with a married man, A, a representative of Yoda Yuuki’s private gym and his exclusive trainer.

Yoda Yuki reportedly enjoyed a six-hour date at A’s gym in Shibuya, Tokyo.

In response, Yoda Yuuki said on his official blog, “In the past few years, I have been going to the gym about six times a week. “I started going to a new personal gym this summer,” he said. “The person I attached as a trainer there is A, who is also the representative of the gym, and recently I’ve been living like a friend.”

He said, “I once ate with the gym staff or ate with two people, but I had no special feelings,” adding, “I have no relationship or shame.” He explained, “There was once a year-end party while watching TV after training, asking for training, or asking for meals at the gym.”

Finally, Yoda Yuuki apologized, “I’ve always been grateful for your kindness, but I’m sorry to him and his fans because of my actions,” adding, “I’ll act well so that there’s no such fuss in the future.”

However, fans are cynical about Yoda Yuki’s statement. This is because, even if his words are true, it is a problem in itself that he stayed in an enclosed space for six hours with You Bu-nam.

Meanwhile, Yoda Yuuki, who was born in 2000 and is 22 years old, was selected as a member of Nogizaka 46’s 3rd class in 2016, and was selected as a member of Momoko Oozono and the 9th center in 2017.

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