117 no-hitter pitches, 9th batter Ohtani Is this a drama?

117 no-hitter pitches, 9th batter Ohtani Is this a drama?


I think I can say that I wrote the script. LA Dodgers’ Tyler Anderson missed a no-hitter so close. Los Angeles Angels Otani Shohei saved the team just before it fell victim to the milestone.

Anderson started the 2022 Major League Baseball game against the Los Angeles Angels at Dodger Stadium in LA on the 16th (Korea Standard Time) and pitched one hit and one run in 8 1 innings. After one out in the ninth inning, Ohtani made his first hit and swallowed his disappointment. The number of pitches was 123 pitches.

Anderson had 99 pitches at the end of the seventh inning. He allowed one walk without a hit until the seventh inning. The milestone was approaching.

Anderson started to increase the number of pitches in the top of the eighth inning when he gave a walk to leadoff hitter Kurt Suzuki. Luis Renhipo rounded up the second pitch. It was an infield fly ball. A crisis came to Max Stacey’s at-bat. The bat hit the center. Luckily, he headed straight to shortstop. The trainer missed the ball once, but thanks to his fast batting speed, he forced the first base runner out of second base.

He faced Taylor Ward with two outs and runners on first base. Ward persistently resisted even when he was driven by two strikes. After picking two manned pitches, he cut the cut fastball with a foul. Anderson caught his breath by throwing a first base check. He induced a swing with his sixth change-up and safely passed the eighth inning.

The number of pitches was already 117.

The top of the ninth inning was a batting order with superstars Mike Trout and Ohtani Shohei in turn. Anderson’s one of the walks allowed on the day came when he faced Trout. Otani struck out two.

When Anderson took the mound in the top of the ninth inning, Dodger Stadium shook. Anderson dominated two strikes with two bold fastballs. The audience stood up. There was applause for every ball. Trout went back to the dugout as he stood and watched the strike, choosing a breaking ball from two strikes and a ball.

122 pitches. The next batter was MVP Otani. Otani hit the first pitch and hit a right-field triple. The milestone disappeared before my eyes. However, the crowd at Dodger Stadium greeted Anderson, who was leaving, with a standing ovation. Anderson also took off his hat and replied 안전공원

The Dodgers rounded up the game with closer Craig Kimbrel. The Dodgers won 4-1, with Anderson’s lead scoring.

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